My First Week at Tickle Media…

My first day was very nerve-wracking I got to meet Kayne, and all of the tickle team and they were moving from Moorgate to Chancery Lane so it was quite a busy but fun day. They set up my desk and mac computer then I was ready to go the first thing I got started on was watching tutorials on how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to edit images, I had never used these software's before so it was handy for me to get stuck into that as a beginner.

My second day I started to practice using Photoshop so I designed some images, I learnt how to distort, blur and change the color of an image. After that I started watching more tutorials on how to use Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Day Three, I had a visit from Jobwise they were here for the visit which is what they have to do with every apprentice when they start a new apprenticeship it will either be one of the CRM team they just come in and check the environment, to see if it is safe and secure enough to work in. They also have a monthly update with each of their apprentices to see how well there doing which I think is great.

Day Four, I got to see what Tim head of design was working on, he showed me the logos he had designed in the past and also showed me the method he uses to save his files from when he first starts to the end. I love listening to how he works as I always end up learning something new from him. I also like to see the journey he goes through when designing or re-designing things such as logos as he begins with nothing and then he ends up with the final result. He ends up going through so many different designs until he finds the right one which I think is amazing. (Image me and Tim working)

Day Five, after seeing what Tim had designed I started to watch tutorials again but this time I took notes so that when I edit or help design in any way they are there. So I wrote loads down and I find that by writing stuff down it helps me to remember it more. Then later that day I had a meeting with both Kayne and Ben to go through how it will work in the following weeks, so they explained that we will have meetings on a Monday at 9:30-10:30am to go through what everyone needs to be doing and again on a Thursday afternoon.

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