My Second Week at Tickle Media…

Now into my second week as an apprentice and I feel a lot keener to get involved in more so Tim and me, Tim who is head of design began coming up and brain storming ideas to start the campaign between us we came up with the name the Together Project. Once we had done that I then spent the rest of the day creating social media accounts for the Together Project so that we are able to post pictures into them of what we are getting up to, what's going on and for events we visit.
On day three we needed to write up a plan so we started by thinking of things that the apprentices can do to get involved, so Kayne wanted me to come up with more competition ideas which showcases all apprentices asking there employers questions. We also did a brainstorm for what prizes would be best for the apprentices this will be used as an incentive.

On day four me and Tim started looking at what words we can use when sending out emails to students and employers we want people to read the posts we do and the emails we send out, so we came up with words that were likely to appeal to the right target market.
The next day Kayne asked me to look up fitting hashtags and list them for when we post content we are using the right hashtags and people will pick them up and share or retweet them, we also needed consistency when we post so I came up with hashatgs we could use so that people looking for our posts will know what to look out for, JobwiseTogether is an example of a hash tag that we continue to use.

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