Ricardo - Team Leader at Pearson

"Amir was very shy when he first started but since the beginning had been efficient and reliable. Since I met Amir he has developed and changed a lot, he is more confident and quite experienced in all the systems and processes we have internally. He is very good support".

Michelle Greggory - Communications Manager at TCM Group

"I've really seen Emily grow in confidence, she is always happy to help. She asks questions when she doesn't understand things and volunteers for tasks, she is just fantastic. We are a really busy company so having Emily in and her learning the role is just a fantastic support for us to have, we've learnt things from her as well in areas that can be improved… so it has been mutually beneficially for both us and Emily".

John Buni - CEO at Tailor Made

"Rui has always been a 'chippy' and enthusiastic individual but now he has grown into the role. He takes on more responsibility and has developed his attention to detail. His work ethic has changed drastically. I've had to send Rui over to Amsterdam for the day and for someone so young is a huge responsibility and he did it well and I felt that was a huge milestone in his character.Any employer who doesn't think they have the time to train an apprentice, through working with Jobwise as a training provider I can say that they take a lot of that burden off you as employer. They help work with the apprentice and give them structured training that they need."