Work Based Learning / Staff Development

Work Based Staff Development

It goes without saying that a skilled and highly trained workforce is a valuable asset for your business.

We have supported thousands of businesses in Central London to upskill and develop their staff in Management, Administration and Digital qualifications and we can put together a full training pack tailored to your business to support your long term growth.

By working with Jobwise Training we can provide you with access to government-funded training designed to help you develop the skills of your employees. Just ask us for details and we'll be happy to talk through the various options.

Business Administration Level 2 & 3

Our Diplomas in Business Administration ensures that your staff have the basic skills needed to meet your organisation's needs. During the 12 month course they will study a wide and varied range of business administration tasks,organising and managing workloads, taking calls and handling mail, to managing budgets, customer service and understanding the purpose of health and safety in the workplace. They will obtain a better understanding of their role and what it entails as well an improved knowledge of how a business operates.

At the end of the qualification your staff member should be able to make a greater positive contribution in the workplace on both a personal and business level, increasing productivity
and ensuring you have a committed and competent workforce.

Customer service (Level 2 & 3)

Do you want to ensure that your customers are getting the very best service from your staff?
The Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service is a work-based training programme that we can tailor to the specific needs of your company, including a selection of specific modules to meet your the needs. It has been designed alongside employers for staff who already have some experience working within a customer service environment.