Jessica's Journey

Jessica Davey explains some of her daily tasks as an Apprentice.
  • On Mondays I make a social media plan for the week.
  • The first thing I do is reply to all customer service emails I have received on social media.
  • I also write all the wording for email newsletters we are sending that week (we send 2 a week, one will be a recipe and a product feature, and the other one will be an offer and a link to our social media competitions)
  • Every day I post a quote of the day on twitter and Facebook with an image to make sure there is something consistent on there.
  • I also make different pictures on Photoshop and post them on our Social Media platforms.
  • I also post pictures on Instagram and comment on pictures other people have tagged of our products.
  • If someone uploads a picture of something they have created with our products (smoothies etc.) I will get in contact with them and ask if I can post these pictures on our social media pages to show other people what our customers are doing.
  • Every week I will run a competition on twitter and Facebook where people will have to share or retweet a picture of our product to win. This is really effective for getting us more followers!
  • I also make sure I'm reading various health websites every day to see if there is anything relevant I can post about.
  • Occasionally we will be followed by someone who runs a blog, or they may email us, I will then research there blog and if they have a lot of activity in there, I will get in touch with them and send them a product in return for a review.
  • I have also written all the wording on the website and product packaging for super ketone shake, super chia sees, super flaxseed, super cocoa powder.
  • I am also writing an e-book guide for our top 100 smoothie recipes and one for a guide to the best blenders.
  • Every week I do at least one blog post (usually a recipe using our product) and make a picture for it, I then post a link to the blog on our twitter and Facebook page.
  • I am also in contact with a media company that book various competitions for us on various websites (such as company magazine, best daily and house to home) I write all the wording for the competition and get a data capture file after the competition has ended which has a list of people's email addresses that have agreed to opt in to receiving our newsletters! I then pass this on to my manager to add into Mail Chimp. I usually run these competitions once a month.
  • I also do some admin work such as filing and working out figures.

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