Gurj Bhumber - Apprentice Partnership Coordinator

Sixth form wasn’t for me. Starting an apprenticeship was.

I started sixth form in 2016 but half way through the year I decided that this wasn’t the correct pathway I wanted to take. After joining Jobwise Training in 2017 it helped me gain experience and open more opportunities for myself.

My tutor, Jade Wellington, has been there for me throughout my journey and has supported me to this very day! She always pushed me to do my very best and without that push I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Jobwise Training took me on as a Client Account Executive Apprentice after becoming work-ready passing my interview. I then progressed and became a Partnership Coordinator as well! I have gained so many skills and enjoy working with such great colleagues.

What’s better than earning while you’re learning? I can confidently say that I am happy with the path that I have taken. My workshops have improved my knowledge in Business Administration significantly. Thank you to my assessor, Wilfred Wright, for also supporting me and helping me with my coursework.

I am currently completing my Level 3 Business Apprenticeship, which I will then want to progress onto a Level4/5. My journey will continue on and with the support that I am getting from Jobwise Training I will have a better point of view of what I want to do in the future.

Elena Afruntoaei - Apprentice Client Account Executive

Jobwise Training has helped me improve my confidence, develop my skills and give me the experience I needed to secure a Business Admin Apprenticeship.

When I first started with Jobwise I was very eager to learn, focus on my work and targets. I used to say, “I’m here to secure a job not friends”.

I was the first person in my TS66 to become job ready in the space of four weeks, before being placed into an apprenticeship in a dream office called WeWork - Thank you to my tutor Martin Hamilton for all your help and support that you have given me. It has been amazing!

In my first apprenticeship I sustained three months, before deciding I would like to drop out as I did not see myself progress within the role or got the support that I needed.

Jobwise Training then offered me a placement in their office upstairs as a ‘Trainee Client Relationship Manager’ and was accepted. I was very lucky and grateful to have been given this opportunity. I could have not been happier as I am with the same training provider which has helped me grow as a person.

This was a great achievement and journey for me.
I am currently still working for Jobwise Training as a ‘Client Account Executive’ and I could not be happier. 

Ramon Oluseye

What are you currently doing at Jobwise Training? / What have you done?

At Jobwise Training, I have completed all the required courses and I have received my Workskills, Business Admin and English qualifications. Currently, I have been doing a lot of lesson planning for workshops that take part during the day, as well as having project managed one of them too!How has this helped you with what you want to do?
Having completed what I had to do, I can say that it has helped me a lot because I have gained experience in different roles that Jobwise Training has allowed me to perform.

What do you want to gain from Jobwise Training?
Generally when I first came to Jobwise, I wanted to gain experience, open more opportunities and allow myself to be more creative and I can say that my time at Jobwise Training has allowed me to do just that!

What is the best thing about Jobwise Training?
They allow you to express your ideas and be creative with them which also allows you to interact more with each other for example, through workshops, coffee mornings, Dragons Den and charity projects.Also, the staff and students here are really helpful, supportive and respectful towards my ideas. They are all friendly to be around!

Afrodite Papakyriacou

What are you currently doing at Jobwise Training? / What have you done?

At Jobwise Training, I have completed my Workskills and Business Admin Unit.

How has this helped you with what you want to do?
I will gain a certificate for the work I have completed, which is Workskills and Business Admin. This is going to help me get an apprenticeship and help me get a job in the future because I will have gained a certificate in the areas I need. By doing this, so far, it already has opened many more opportunities because this has added onto my qualifications which also makes my CV look much better!

What do you want to gain from Jobwise Training?
From Jobwise Training, I want to gain a qualification in Business Admin.
When I first came here, I wanted to get an apprenticeship. But now, I have changed my decisions on my career plans and I want to learn for another year or so. My change of plans shows that people my age can still be confused on what they want to do but that's okay. Jobwise has helped me understand what I need to do to go out to the workforce and by learning for another year. I can build on my confidence, experience and become ready for the working environment. 

What is the best thing about Jobwise Training?
The best thing about Jobwise Training is the staff that work there. They are friendly, supportive and they have helped and taught me in so many different ways. The students are friendly. I have made really good friends with some of the other students here. 
Also, the workshops here are interesting and really good to be a part of as well as another great way to get to know other students!

Tolu Akinrele - Pod Point Apprentice

'I started looking for jobs, I found it really hard and I wasn't really getting any response from anything I was looking into. Now I am way more confident because I got more experience… more experience means more opportunities.. I'll definitely recommend Jobwise to a friend because they have supported me every step of the way. They have literally been such a great support…it's been really good!"

Amir Mohammed - Pearson Apprentice

'We work as a family, we don't work as a team we're a family. I've learnt a lot of things that I didn't not have or think I'll have one day. My Assessor is Liz, whenever I need any help or any advice I just email her or call her and that helps a lot because we always keep in touch. Jobwise will always help you in interview preparation in everything, in every aspect, so I think Jobwise is really fantastic!"

Joe - Bendon UK Apprentice

"Jobwise have helped me a lot, because when I came to Jobwise I told them my interest and what I am passionate about and every step of the way they helped me and supported me and gave me the opportunity to get this placement. I'm doing the dream job that I have always loved to do. It's hard to find a place where you can love a job and love everyone there and that is what I have got and I feel lucky about that.. I am going from strength to strength, and I can look back at school and think I have actually achieved what I wanted to achieve. So if I had one piece of advice, it would be to keep your head down, don't listen to any doubts that anyone has because you can achieve something like I did through Jobwise".